Which Nineteen To Twenty Couples Are Still Together? All You Need To Know

Imagine a reality series that captures the essence of teenage love and the challenges of coming-of-age. “Nineteen To Twenty,” also known as ’19 / 20′ and Yeolahob Seumul, is a Korean reality show that does just that. Premiering on Netflix on July 11, 2023, the series follows the vibrant lives of Gen Z participants in their final days of being 19 before stepping into adulthood at 20.

Love and Bonds That Transcend the Show

The show introduced eight participants, four girls, and four boys, who embarked on a journey of self-discovery and companionship. As the days went by, the group grew closer, forming connections that extended beyond the confines of the show. Among them, three couples emerged and continue to thrive even after the series concluded.

Ji-woo and Jung-yun

Jeong Ji-woo and Lim Jung-yun’s love story blossomed during the show. While Jung-yun was initially shy and reserved, Ji-woo’s presence ignited a spark between them. Although Ji-woo also formed connections with others like Moon Se-yeon and Lee Ji-min, she found herself drawn to Jung-yun. After a heartfelt confession, they decided to continue their relationship outside the show.

Lee Ji-min and Choi Ye-rin

Lee Ji-min and Choi Ye-rin were the first couple to give a name to their relationship during the show. Their journey wasn’t without its ups and downs, as they faced minor disagreements. However, their connection grew stronger, and during a beautiful moment on a trip to Jeju, Ji-min proposed to Ye-rin, and she gladly accepted, solidifying their commitment to each other.

Noh Hee-ji and Kim Pyeong-seok

Noh Hee-ji and Kim Pyeong-seok, dubbed the “mother and father” duo of the group, stood by each other since the day Pyeong-seok joined the show. Their understanding and peaceful bond set them apart from the rest. Even as they went on casual dates with other housemates, their eyes were always on each other. They now enjoy their lives together and express their gratitude for being part of Netflix.

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A New Perspective on Adulthood

The show’s unique format took the participants through a learning phase at ‘School 19,’ where they gained practical knowledge for adulthood. Later, they entered ‘House 20,’ a place where they were free from parental and academic constraints, signaling the onset of adulthood on January 1st.

Life After “Nineteen To Twenty”

As the show concluded, the cast members have ventured into their respective paths. Oh Sang-won is excelling in his academic pursuits in robotics at Pohang University of Science and Technology, all while pursuing his interest in music. Moon Se-yeon continues to shine as a passionate Table Tennis expert, a member of the Jecheon City Hall table tennis team.

Jeong Seo-yeong is pursuing her dream of acting and studies acting at the Seoul Institute of the Arts. Meanwhile, Choi Seo-Hyeon is making strides in her pursuit of becoming an architect.

The Enduring Legacy of “Nineteen To Twenty”

“Nineteen To Twenty” has left a lasting impact on both the participants and viewers alike. The cast members continue to receive immense love and support from the audience as they pursue their dreams and forge their paths in life.

Nineteen To Twenty Cast Instagram are:

  1. Kim Pyeong-Seok: k._.psssss
  2. Lim Jung-Yun: im_jy_12
  3. Jeong Seo-Yeong: jeongseoyeong187
  4. Choi Seo-Hyeon: _shyxxn
  5. Oh Sang-Won: sw_oh_04
  6. Noh Hee-Ji: no._.easy
  7. Lee Ji-Min: easy_min_1
  8. Choi Ye-Rin: choi_.168
  9. Jeong Ji-Woo: jiwoo.o_1
  10. Moon Se-Yeon: msy.1004


“Nineteen To Twenty” is not just a reality show; it is a heartwarming tale of love, growth, and friendship. The show’s unique premise and engaging cast have left an indelible mark on viewers, making it a memorable addition to the world of reality television. As the participants continue their journeys beyond the show, their connections and experiences on “Nineteen To Twenty” will remain a cherished part of their lives.

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