APPLY: NYSC Trust Fund Registration Portal For 2023/2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of youth empowerment, the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is taking a significant leap forward. The NYSC Trust Fund (NYSCTF) promises to be a game-changer, offering financial support to corps members and igniting their entrepreneurial dreams.

The Genesis

Visionary Leadership

As of December 2022, Mrs. Christy Uba, the Acting Director General of NYSC, shared insights into the trust fund bill during an inspection tour. She emphasized that the bill’s enactment into law would mark a pivotal moment, unlocking the potential for corps members to thrive post-service.

Empowering the Youth

The primary objective of the trust fund is to provide resources that empower youths after completing their service. Mrs. Uba envisions a future where the fund becomes the catalyst for corps members to venture into entrepreneurship, armed with the necessary capital.

Progress Report

Construction Endeavors

During the inspection tour, Mrs. Uba highlighted the ongoing construction of hostels, a testament to the commitment of NYSC in creating conducive environments for the corps members.

Anticipation for Presidential Assent

The NYSC Trust Fund bill is on the verge of realization, awaiting the crucial assent from President Muhammadu Buhari. Once approved, it will pave the way for the commencement of the fund.

Skill Acquisition Initiatives

NYSC’s Role

Since 2012, NYSC has been actively involved in skill acquisition programs. These programs, conducted during camps and post-camp training, have equipped corps members with practical skills, making many of them self-employed and contributors to national development.

Alert on Fake Advertisements

Beware of Frauds

As of October 2023, the NYSC has issued a warning about fraudulent advertisements circulating on social media, falsely claiming the launch of the NYSC Trust Fund. The management clarified that the fund is yet to receive President Bola Tinubu’s assent.

Official Communication

The NYSC urged the public to disregard any information about the trust fund registration on unauthorized portals. Once the trust fund is officially approved, the NYSC will communicate the modalities through official channels, including print and electronic media and social media platforms.


In conclusion, the NYSC Trust Fund is a beacon of hope for Nigerian youths. As it inches closer to fruition, the prospect of financial empowerment for corps members is on the horizon. Let’s stay vigilant against misinformation and eagerly await the day when this transformative initiative becomes a reality.


  1. Q: What is the NYSC Trust Fund?
    • A: The NYSC Trust Fund (NYSCTF) is a financial initiative aimed at empowering corps members by providing start-up capital for their businesses.
  2. Q: When was the NYSC Trust Fund scheme established?
    • A: The scheme has been in place since 2012, focusing on skill acquisition programs to harness the potential of corps members.
  3. Q: What progress has been made in the construction of hostels mentioned by Mrs. Uba?
    • A: Ongoing construction of 700 male and 700 female bed capacity hostels at the NYSC Camp in Issele Uku, Delta, reflects the commitment to creating better facilities.
  4. Q: Why did the NYSC issue a warning about fake advertisements?
    • A: The warning aims to caution the public against falling victim to fraudulent schemes, as the NYSC Trust Fund is still awaiting the President’s assent.
  5. Q: How will information about the NYSC Trust Fund be officially communicated?
    • A: Official modalities for accessing the fund will be communicated through print and electronic media and NYSC’s official social media channels.

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