Everything About The OA School Shooting Scene Explained

The OA is a cult-favorite Netflix series that has garnered a loyal fan base. The show, starring Brit Marling, follows the story of a blind woman named Prairie, also known as “The Original Angel,” who returns after being missing for seven years and has restored her sight.

Prairie assembles a group of followers, including four teens and a teacher, to rescue similarly vanished individuals. The series’ first season finale, titled “Chapter 8: Invisible Self,” features a controversial scene in a school cafeteria that has recently gone viral.

In this scene, Prairie and her followers execute “The Movements,” an enigmatic dance to summon an interdimensional portal to save the school. The dance appears strange and out of place, as it involves the cast members dancing in front of a school shooter.

However, this scene is not as random as it may seem. The series has been building up to this moment throughout the season, as Prairie trains her followers in the “Movements” to help save lives.

The shooter, confused by the flash mob, ends up shooting Prairie in the chest and getting tackled by a cafeteria worker, ultimately saving everyone.

The dance, which seems absurd when viewed out of context, is actually a testament to the show’s commitment to pushing creative boundaries and exploring the deeper realms of human connection.

The OA is available for streaming on Netflix, and the viral scene in the school cafeteria has sparked debates and discussions among fans. Some viewers believe the scene is funny, while others think it makes sense in the context of the show.

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The OA ending explained: Who is the school shooter? Season 2 ...

The scene has become a popular topic of conversation, showcasing the show’s unique approach to storytelling and its willingness to challenge viewers’ expectations

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