Ogun Election Tribunal Ejects Journalists Over Bench Dispute

At the Ogun State governorship election petition tribunal, a heated exchange erupted between journalists and lawyers over seating space, causing mild drama on Wednesday.

The court was crowded with supporters from both the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC), leaving journalists with limited seating options.

Some lawyers demanded that journalists vacate a bench reserved for pressmen, claiming it was an extension of the bar area. This led to a confrontation, with the tribunal’s secretary, Raymonda Ezenta, angrily instructing journalists to leave the seat, stating that the court did not require their presence.

The tribunal had previously directed that only 20 members from each political party be allowed inside the court, but the directive was not fully adhered to.

Journalists had been promised a designated space to cover the tribunal, but the promise was not fulfilled, leading to ongoing conflicts with politicians over seating arrangements.

During Wednesday’s proceedings, lawyers disputed the bench’s use, and Ezenta called on the police to have the journalists removed. Despite efforts to explain the situation, Ezenta insisted that the journalists leave, citing the judges’ impatience.

As a result, the journalists had to leave the courtroom and wait outside for updates on the tribunal proceedings. The situation has added tension to an already charged atmosphere at the election petition tribunal.

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