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Warm greetings to everyone!!!
We are so glad you opened this page. To build and make stechitegist a better place, we entertain nonfiction stories you might want to publish on Stechitegist blog so our readers can read, Enjoy or Learn from.
Stechitegist gives an open hand for you to write as you like. Send us the post write ups, images and the title you want.

Please Take Note

  • Do not spam by posting a repetitive story or spamlinks.
  • Our Professional bloggers/writers will work on your story so as to make it look like a standard post
  • Your images must not exceed 2500 pixels both in height and width
  • You must NOT post job enquires or sale or promotional offers to our mail
  • For eye witness stories, please support your pictures or screenshots and videos or link to the video
  • Other readers have the ability to report non-genuine story, which can result in you being banned from sending us a mail.
  • Please be at ease when writing to pass the message in your story to other readers clearly. 
Send your stories to [email protected]

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