Who Are The Actors In Pfizer Know Plan Go Covid Commercial With Pink?

The Pfizer Know Plan Go campaign aims to promote the importance of the coronavirus vaccine and encourage the public to get vaccinated. The commercial, released on February 6, 2023, features several well-known celebrities who have lent their voices to the campaign. The actors in the COVID commercial with Pink are:

  1. Questlove
  2. Jean Smart
  3. Michael Phelps

The campaign features these influential personalities to raise awareness about the vaccine and inspire people to take action in the fight against COVID-19.

The Pfizer Know Plan Go Campaign

Pfizer, a leading multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company based in Manhattan, NYC, is running the Know Plan Go campaign. Despite the pandemic having been ongoing for nearly three years, the company is still actively promoting its vaccines to prevent potential future waves of the virus.

The campaign focuses on educating the public about their risk factors for severe COVID-19 and encourages them to be proactive in planning their actions if they contract the virus. By collaborating with influential figures, Pfizer aims to reach a wider audience and promote the importance of vaccination.

The Celebrities in the Commercial

  1. Questlove (Ahmir Thompson): Questlove, widely known for his role as the drummer and co-frontman of the band The Roots, appears in the commercial. He leads the viewers to the Know Plan Go website, emphasizing the importance of knowing their risk factors and planning accordingly. In his Instagram story, Questlove shared that his overweight is also a high-risk factor for severe COVID-19 but expressed relief in learning about it early to take necessary precautions.
  2. Jean Smart: Jean Smart, a prominent American actress known for her work in film and television, appears after Michael Phelps in the commercial. She continues the message about risk factors and includes age (being over 50) and being a smoker as potential high-risk factors. In her Instagram post, Smart pointed out her diabetes as a high-risk factor and stressed the importance of taking action for her health.
  3. Michael Phelps: Michael Phelps, the Olympic swimmer and elite athlete, appears in a blue sweater-like top. He shares his struggle with depression and urges people to be ready and have a plan in place to tackle COVID-19. In his Instagram post, Phelps emphasized the importance of learning from the KnowPlanGo website and taking necessary precautions based on individual risk factors.
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Pink’s Contribution

Pink, whose real name is Alecia Moore, is a popular American singer and songwriter. She appears first in the commercial, sharing her personal experience as an asthma patient and the added risk she faces if she were to contract COVID-19.


Pink emphasizes that there are almost 200 million Americans with high-risk factors that make COVID-19 even riskier. In her Instagram post, she encourages people to know their risk factors, plan their actions, and be ready with a plan in case they contract the virus.

Public Reception and Criticism

The Know Plan Go campaign featuring these celebrities received mixed reactions on social media. Some users expressed confusion and concern, questioning the need for continued promotion of vaccines after the prolonged pandemic. Pfizer’s campaign has faced criticism from those who believe that natural alternatives should be prioritized over medications.

Despite the criticism, a spokesperson for Pfizer defended the campaign, stating that it aims to educate the public about the importance of public health and how the booster dose can be a crucial defense against COVID-19, especially as the nation enters its fourth year of the pandemic.


The Pfizer Know Plan Go campaign features influential celebrities such as Questlove, Jean Smart, and Michael Phelps, along with Pink, to promote the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine and inspire the public to take action.

These celebrities have shared their personal experiences and risk factors, encouraging others to be proactive in protecting themselves against the virus. The campaign has sparked discussions and debates, but Pfizer remains committed to its goal of educating the public about preventive measures and vaccination.

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