FACT CHECK: Did Qatar Threaten to Stop Gas Supply over Israel’s attacks on Gaza?

In recent days, social media has been ablaze with claims that the Kingdom of Qatar is threatening to halt the supply of gas to the world if Israel persists in its bombing of Gaza. This article delves into the details of this claim and fact-checks its authenticity.

Social Media Buzz and International Reports

The claim has gained traction not only on social media platforms but has also been reported by international news agencies, including MEHR News Agency, a semi-official news agency of the Iranian government. The article published by MEHR News Agency is titled, “Qatar Warns to Cut Gas Export if Attacks on Gaza Continue.”

Details of the Claim

On social media, particularly Twitter, the claim has been amplified with one Twitter handle, Faarees, boasting 129k followers, sharing the message that Qatar would stop gas supply if Israel doesn’t cease its attacks on Gaza.

Analysis of Social Media Amplification

The post received significant engagement with 44k shares, 1.66k likes, 15 quotes, and 170 comments on Twitter alone. Similar amplification has occurred on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Context of the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Before delving into the fact-checking process, it’s essential to understand the backdrop of the Israel-Palestine conflict, the ongoing tensions, and recent escalations.

Verification Process

StechiteGist Media Fact-Check conducted a thorough verification process to scrutinize the authenticity of the claim. The research involved searching for relevant keywords to understand Qatar’s role in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Qatar’s Mediation Efforts

Contrary to the claim, Qatar is actively engaged in mediating between Israel and Palestine to reduce tensions. Reports confirm that Qatar is in talks with both parties, even exploring options for a hostage-prisoner swap.

Debunking the Gas Supply Threat

Contradicting the claim, Qatar recently sealed a deal to supply France’s Total Energies with natural gas for 27 years. Additionally, statements from government officials a year ago emphasize Qatar’s indispensability in quickly replacing Russian supplies to Europe.

Reputable Sources Refuting the Claim

Reputable sources, including Aljazeera and Doha Times, have refuted the gas supply threat. Experts have debunked the fake news, reinforcing the conclusion that Qatar is not issuing threats but actively participating in negotiations.


In conclusion, findings from the fact-check reveal that the claim of Qatar threatening to withhold gas supplies to the world due to the Israel-Hamas conflict is false. Qatar is, in fact, on the negotiating table, aiming to resolve the ongoing conflict and reduce tensions in the region.

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