Update! Nigerian Rapper Oladips is not Dead [See details]

In a recent turn of events, Nigerian singer Qdot Alagbe has taken to social media to address swirling rumors surrounding the alleged demise of his colleague, Oladips. Fans and followers had been expressing concern and disbelief over the unverified reports that Oladips had passed away.

Qdot Alagbe, known for his dynamic and energetic performances, chose to confront the rumors directly. In a heartfelt Instagram post, the singer shared a photo of himself with Oladips, both artists appearing in good health and high spirits. The caption left no room for ambiguity: “Rumors can be dangerous. Let me put this to rest – my brother @officialoladips is very much alive. Please disregard any information suggesting otherwise.”

The post quickly garnered attention from fans and fellow celebrities, with an outpouring of relief and support flooding the comments section. Many fans expressed gratitude for Qdot Alagbe’s prompt response, putting an end to the distress caused by the unfounded rumors.

While the source of the false reports remains unclear, this incident serves as a reminder of the potential impact of misinformation in the age of social media. Qdot Alagbe’s proactive approach to addressing the issue not only reassured fans but also highlighted the importance of relying on verified sources for news.

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Oladips, who rose to fame with his unique style and lyrical prowess, is yet to make an official statement regarding the rumors surrounding his alleged demise. However, the swift response from Qdot Alagbe has undoubtedly put an end to the speculations and provided much-needed relief to fans who were genuinely concerned about the well-being of the talented artist.

As the music industry continues to navigate the challenges of the digital age, incidents like these underscore the need for responsible consumption of information and the importance of artists utilizing their platforms to address and correct false narratives. In this case, Qdot Alagbe’s timely intervention not only debunked a baseless rumor but also demonstrated the strength of camaraderie among artists in the Nigerian music scene.





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