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Richard Strocher” primarily focuses on a viral post that circulated on social media in early January 2024. The post, which claimed that Richard Strocher heard Yiddish being spoken underneath his home in New York City, garnered significant attention and sparked widespread discussion on various platforms, including Twitter and TikTok.

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In detail, the man said that he lives at ground level and confirmed that he has no basement. On X (formerly Twitter), he said: “There are Jews living under my apartment. I hear them its like they are digging or something.”

Strocher continued: “For the record: I live at a ground level and we do NOT have a basement.”

Nonetheless, the man also posted, around a month after his first X post, “I swear I keep hearing yiddish under the floor in my NY apartment. (I live at ground level and we have no basement).”

However, the veracity of the claim has been called into question, as the tweets in the screenshots do not appear on Strocher’s Twitter profile, and there is no concrete evidence to support the alleged incident.

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The post has been the subject of debunking efforts, with many social media users expressing skepticism about its authenticity.

Additionally, a link to the Twitter account attributed to Richard Strocher, with the handle @UtensilsEating. The account is described as dedicated to Strocher and is labeled as “The Strocher Effect,” with a bio that reads, “Dedicated to @RichardStrocher; Master of politics. Writer for The Daily Strocher.”

Furthermore, a Reddit post references the viral claim about Richard Strocher hearing Jewish people digging under his New York apartment. The post appears to express doubt about the validity of the claim and alludes to the potentially inflammatory nature of the allegation.

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