Where To Quickly Find Rukkhashava Mushrooms In Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, where can I find Rukkhashava Mushrooms?: Rukkhashava Mushrooms are a local delicacy that has been known to vex even the most seasoned of players in the world of Genshin Impact. These elusive fungus, oh-so-annoyingly, tend to hide away in the depths of damp and poorly lit locations, prompting adventurers to go underground in pursuit of their prized presence. The quest for these mushrooms takes gamers on an intriguing trip through hidden entrances and the mysteries that lurk within.

As if that weren’t enough of a struggle, fate decides to play a cruel trick by spreading some of the Rukkhashava Mushrooms within towering mushrooms, further complicating matters for daring Travellers. Consider the following scenario: a player, anxious to collect their intended haul, must now contend with the arduous chore of reaching those tall mushrooms, adding an additional layer of complexity to their mushroom-hunting escapades.

Fear not, loyal Genshin Impact fans have discovered solutions to navigate this perplexing task. Enter the Wanderer and Collei, two characters whose trip to the game’s peak takes a whopping 168 Rukkhashava Mushrooms. Fortunately, astute gamers have developed alternate methods of amassing this rich harvest.

Along with the typical technique of combing the game’s wide landscapes for materials, Rukkhashava Mushrooms can be obtained from not one, but two separate vendors. These helpful folks provide a ray of hope to players who seek for a faster road to mushroom mastery.

So, dear adventurers, prepare for the thrilling task of harvesting Rukkhashava Mushrooms in Genshin Impact. To claim your valuable reward, embark on dangerous underground journeys, unlock hidden doors, and conquer gigantic mushrooms.

And if the trek gets too difficult, remember the wise words of the ancients: seek the assistance of the Wanderer and Collei, who hold the key to your mushroom-filled future. May luck be on your side as you enter the world of Genshin Impact!

Locations of Rukkhashava Mushrooms
Genshin Impact is an exhilarating adventure in which you begin on a quest to harvest the valuable Rukkhashava Mushrooms. To ensure success, an Electro character must be equipped, as their special skills are critical in activating the elusive Bouncing Mushrooms that allow access to upper platforms. You’ll reach new heights in your mushroom-gathering endeavours with a burst of energy at your disposal.

But wait, the thrills don’t stop there! Tighnari and Nahida, two vital allies, are ready to help you on your trip. Tighnari, a trustworthy companion, serves as a guide, expertly noting the locations of Sumeru’s regional delicacies on your mini-map.


With this important knowledge at your disposal, you’ll be able to navigate the terrain with ease, ensuring that no Rukkhashava Mushroom escapes your grip. Nahida’s extraordinary aptitude enables for effortless harvesting from a distance, allowing for the quick and effective collecting of these valued delicacy. This dynamic trio is a formidable force to be reckoned with.Now, let’s take a look at the enthralling Rukkhashava Mushroom cultivation routes that beckon in Genshin Impact and provide a wealth of these sought-after treasures:

  • Mawtiyima Forest: Enter the enchanted embrace of the Mawtiyima Forest, where clusters of Rukkhashava Mushrooms are hidden among the foliage. Explore this lush paradise and discover nature’s wonderful secrets.
  • Near Sumeru City: Travel to the outskirts of Sumeru City, where the terrain is teeming with a bountiful crop of Rukkhashava Mushrooms. Discover these hidden beauties that nature has given upon the land among the hustle and bustle of the urban atmosphere.
    Fane of Ashvattha: Enter the Fane of Ashvattha’s holy grounds, where an aura of mysticism envelops every step. Rukkhashava Mushrooms await discovery within this sacred sanctuary, their presence a tribute to the enchanting appeal of this amazing spot.
  • Near Devantaka Mountain: Set out on an exciting adventure to the foothills of Devantaka Mountain, a mountainous environment that promises a bounty of Rukkhashava Mushrooms. Set out on a mushroom-hunting journey unlike any other in the midst of rocky outcrops and untamed environment.
  • Near Jadeplume Boss: As you face the fearsome Jadeplume Boss, keep an eye out for Rukkhashava Mushrooms dotting the terrain, a tribute to nature’s persistence amidst the turmoil of combat. Take advantage of the opportunity to grab these valuable morsels as you battle this strong monster.
  • Apam Woods: Dive into the ethereal splendor of Apam Woods, a mythical place shrouded in enchantment. Rukkhashava Mushrooms sprout from hidden corners among its shimmering glades, tempting adventurers to discover their mysteries.
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Route of Rukkhashava Mushroom Farming

Prepare for a mushroom-hunting adventure in Genshin Impact! We’ve got just the tool for you if you’re looking to collect the rare Rukkhashava Mushrooms and raise your cherished Wanderer or Collei characters to their full potential. Prepare for a more convenient and efficient experience with this interactive map, which will guide you on your epic mushroom-collecting trip.

Navigate the globe with ease, whether you want to zoom in for a closer look, zoom out for a broader perspective, or pan around to see everything. You have a decision as you embark on a visually stunning trip through the vast realm of Genshin Impact.

Prepare to discover a whopping 76 Rukkhashava. Mushroom spawning can be found all across the untamed environment. To meet the 168 mushroom requirement, you must painstakingly collect each and every one. But don’t worry, nature has a way of renewing its bounty. Simply wait 48 hours and the mushrooms will mysteriously regenerate, ready for you to collect them again. It exemplifies the cyclical nature of this enthralling realm.

You’ll be able to chart your course and guarantee no mushroom escapes your clutches with the help of this interactive map. Navigate the wilderness, seek out hidden corners, and grasp every opportunity to claim these priceless treasures. Rise to the occasion, since your Wanderer or Collei characters are impatiently awaiting their ascension to greater levels of power and mastery.

The Genshin Effect

Since its release in 2020, Genshin Impact, an action role-playing game developed and released by miHoYo, has taken the gaming industry by storm. Genshin Impact, which is available on Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, and Windows, as well as the Nintendo Switch, provides players with an immersive anime-style open-world setting with an exhilarating action-based battle system.

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Genshin Impact, set in the enthralling fantasy world of Teyvat, introduces players to a fully detailed universe comprised of seven distinct nations, each governed by a different deity and endowed with a unique elemental power. The Traveller, an inter-dimensional explorer who becomes separated from their twin sibling upon arrival in Teyvat, is at the heart of the game’s narrative.


The Traveller, determined to reunite with their lost tribe, begins on a difficult journey over Teyvat’s various landscapes, escorted by the lovable guide Paimon. Along the way, they form alliances with a diverse cast of characters, discover secrets, and ultimately understand the mysteries that surround this enchanted world.

Genshin Impact’s development began in 2017, with influence drawn from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, anime aesthetics, Gnosticism, and a tapestry of world myths. The fighting mechanics of the game have received accolades, with players experiencing intense conflicts driven by elemental magic and the ability to effortlessly swap between characters. The expansive open world, rich with gorgeous sights and exquisite textures, immerses players in an enthralling visual experience.

While Genshin Impact is a free-to-play game, it monetizes through gacha game features. Through a randomised lottery-style draw, players can obtain new characters, weapons, and other in-game stuff. While the game has won praise for its interesting gameplay and wide universe, it has also been chastised for its shallow ending material and the possible financial consequences of its gacha system.

Nonetheless, Genshin Impact has had tremendous success, building a devoted player following and generating significant cash. The game reportedly grossed approximately $3.7 billion across all platforms by September 2021, making it the highest-earning video game in its first year of release.

Genshin Impact continues to fascinate players around the world with its compelling universe, exciting gameplay, and regular content releases, allowing them to embark on an incredible adventure within the mesmerising realm of Teyvat.

Gameplay of Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a captivating open-world action role-playing game that invites players to go on an epic journey. In this enthralling adventure, players take control of one of four interchangeable characters in a group, each with their own set of talents and powers. By allowing players to quickly swap between characters during fight and unleash a varied array of skills and attacks, the game encourages strategic gameplay.

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Character advancement is an important part of Genshin Impact, with players improving their powers by levelling up characters and equipping them with artefacts and powerful weapons. As players explore Teyvat’s large and graphically spectacular environment, they can take on numerous tasks and face powerful bosses to earn precious rewards. However, in order to obtain these prizes, Original Resin, a renewable currency, must be spent. The ability to manage resources while making strategic decisions adds an interesting element of depth to the gameplay experience.

In Genshin Impact, completing challenges and quests raises the player’s Adventure Rank, unlocking new quests and challenges and rising the World Level. The globe Level indicates the strength of the adversaries in the globe as well as the rarity of the rewards won by conquering them.

While exploring the planet, players can engage in a variety of activities like as running, climbing, swimming, and gliding, all while managing their stamina. Some characters have the ability to change the landscape, which opens up new avenues for exploration and traversal.

Fast travel is made possible through teleportation nodes spread across the planet, which provide easy access to vital sites. The Seven Statues, famous landmarks in Teyvat, provide not only healing and restoration but also beneficial effects such as enhanced stamina.

Players can gather materials from the open world, such as food and ore, to create meals that grant various benefits and improve the qualities of their characters. Domains and unique fight scenarios provide lucrative materials for character and weapon strengthening, providing depth to character advancement.

For those looking for a cooperative experience, Genshin Impact has a multiplayer option that allows up to four players to explore the enormous environment and face challenges as a group. Cross-platform play allows gamers from many platforms to band together and embark on an epic quest together.

The universe of Genshin Impact is aesthetically spectacular and engaging, featuring exploration, battle, and character advancement. With its diverse set of gaming features and cooperative multiplayer options, the game allows players to immerse themselves in a fascinating and unique adventure.


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