Unilorin student, Sanni Hameedat commits suicide after lending N500,000 on Snapchat

A 20-year-old University of Ilorin student, Sanni Hameedat, reportedly took her own life after lending a boy she met on Snapchat N500,000, StechiteGist Media reports.

According to a statement by the private hostel management where she stayed, Hameedat was in the midst of her SIWES program before the tragedy occurred. The management disclosed that the pressure from app agents demanding quick repayment and her brother’s financial inability to assist her led to depression and ultimately her suicide.

The suicide was linked to financial misappropriation, with Hameedat lending the boy half of the N1 million her mother entrusted to her, believing his claim of needing it urgently for his mother’s breast cancer treatment. However, when her mother needed the money back, the boy cut off all communication, leaving her distressed.

To cover the missing N500,000, Hameedat borrowed from various apps and managed to accumulate N450,000, combining it with her savings of N50,000. The tragic incident occurred after she ingested a bottle of the pesticide Sniper.

Hameedat’s roommate discovered her in distress, foaming from her mouth and vomiting, and she was rushed to UITH (University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital) but was declared dead.

The Dean of Student Affairs Unit and the Head of Corporate Affairs of the institution were unavailable for comment due to their participation in the combined convocation ceremony.

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However, the Student Union President confirmed the incident, stating that appropriate authorities are investigating this tragic loss within the university community. Further details are expected to be revealed in due course.

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