Latest News on Singer Mohbad’s Death: Autopsy Results Update Today October 7, 2023

The death of Nigerian rapper, Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, on September 12, 2023, has been a subject of controversy and public interest. The Lagos State Police Command has been investigating the circumstances leading to his death, and there have been several updates on the case. Here is the latest news on Mohbad’s death and the ongoing investigation gathered by StechiteGist media:

Autopsy Reports Still Pending

According to a report by StechiteGist media, the autopsy reports on Mohbad’s death are still pending. The Lagos State Police Command confirmed this in a statement, stating that the reports are being awaited. The police exhumed Mohbad’s remains and conducted an autopsy, but the results have not yet been released

Police Interim Report Reveals Cause of Death

The Lagos State Police Command recently released an interim report on what they believed caused Mohbad’s death. According to Vanguard News, the police investigation revealed that an injury inflicted on Mohbad during a fight with his childhood friend, Prime Boy, was not the cause of his death. Instead, an auxiliary nurse who administered doses of Tetanus Toxoid, Paracetamol (IV), and Ceftriaxone injection (IV) on Mohbad at his residence on September 12, 2023, triggered the reactions that led to his death.

The nurse, identified as Blessing Okafor, is the principal suspect in the case, and her actions were corroborated by other expert opinions and witness statements, StechiteGist media reports. The police recovered the mobile phone of the deceased, which was registered as an exhibit.

Nigerians React

The news of Mohbad’s death and the ongoing investigation has sparked reactions from Nigerians on social media. According to Vanguard News, many Nigerians expressed their shock and sadness at the news of Mohbad’s death. Some also called for justice and transparency in the investigation, while others expressed their condolences to Mohbad’s family and friends.

Allegations of Abuse in the Music Industry

Mohbad’s death has also brought attention to allegations of abuse in Nigeria’s Afrobeats music industry. According to StechiteGist media findings, Mohbad had previously been signed to Naira Marley’s Marlian Records label but left the label a year ago.

Mohbad claimed that he suffered a campaign of abuse and attempts on his life by figures from the label, led by Naira Marley. Last October, Mohbad posted a video on Twitter of blood oozing from a wound on his shoulder and claimed he was attacked by Naira Marley and others from the music label for wanting to leave.

In August, he said Naira Marley’s label had pressured promoters to cancel his shows. Naira Marley has denied all the allegations and said in a statement on social media last month he was “shattered” by news of Mohbad’s death


The investigation into Mohbad’s death is ongoing, and the autopsy reports are still pending. The police have released an interim report on what they believe caused Mohbad’s death, and an auxiliary nurse has been identified as the principal suspect. The news of Mohbad’s death has sparked reactions from Nigerians on social media, and the case has brought attention to allegations of abuse in Nigeria’s Afrobeats music industry. StechiteGist Media will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available.

Who is PrimeBoy? Everything To Know About Mohbad’s childhood friend, Primeboy


Primeboy fight with Mohbad resulted in injury that led to death” – Police discloses

The Lagos State Police confirms that Mohbad’s childhood friend Primeboy did engage in a physical fight with the performer at his show in Ikorodu, which left him wounded and led to his death, StechiteGist Media reports.

In a press release naming the suspects detained in connection with the singer’s death on Friday, October 6, 2023, the police also disclosed this information.

According to Idowu Owohunwa, the Lagos Police Commissioner, Primeboy, one of the suspects, fought with the singer as has been widely reported. …CONTINUE READING

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