Meet Sofia Franklyn Mom, Paola Franco Who Is A Businesswoman

Sofia Franklyn’s mum Paola Franco owns Prime Time Companies in Utah. Paola is from Buenos Aires. Sofia hosts the Call Her Daddy podcast. She joined Barstool Sports in 2018 with Alexander Cooper. She launched Sofia with an F after leaving the podcast.

The podcaster said she was tough. After marrying her single mother, Paola Franco, Mike Franklyn adopted her at six years old.

She met her biological father twice when she was 13 or 14. He never contacted her.

Paola Franco Owns Business

Paola Franco owns Utah’s Prime Time Companies. Sofia and Paola share everything.

Carlos and Frida Franco are Paola’s parents. Five siblings include Flavio C Franco and Romina Franco.

The realtor earned a B.S. in business and organizational communications from the University of Utah.

Gary M. Huntsman, owner of Huntsman & Associates, Inc., said Paola Franco’s family is hardworking.

She directed the Salt Lake City YWCA’s domestic abuse shelter before her bachelor’s degree.


She also coordinated Community Service in Utah for five years. She starts her own company after real estate experience. Over 16 years in real estate. She founded her Salt Lake City real estate company in 2007.

She was the first president of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals of Salt Lake City. Sofia Franklyn Hawkins Yvonne fathered Sofia Franklyn. Lives in Spain.

She met her birthfather in her teens. She just met him twice, and he never responded.

The podcaster tried to find him on Facebook, but there are millions of Hawkins Yvonne on social media.

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Her Stepfather

Sofia’s stepfather Mark Anthony Franklyn owns Taranaki Construction Inc. He’s a 35-year Bear Lake general contractor.

After marrying Pablo, Mark adopted Sofia as his stepdaughter. The couple split.

On June 11, 2013, he ended his relationship with Pablo.

The construction company owner married Jill Watkins Franklyn on January 26, 2015. Jill owns The Original Oil Shop.

Mark Franklyn’s stepsons are Carter, 26, Mason, and Braxton Cluff.

Malcolm Mcleod Builders apprenticed him the same year.

He then managed McConnell Dowell projects for a year. He worked 21 years in light commercial construction.

Sofia Franklyn Family

Sofia Franklyn has a sibling and parents. Salt Lake City, Utah, reared her.

Paola and Mark Franklyn are her parents.

Her biological father was absent. Her mum married Mark and adopted her at six.

She discovered her biological father, Spain-based Hawkins Yvonne, around 13 or 14.

11 years of singlehood. Since Sofia was her parent’s only child, she was outraged when Pablo became pregnant with Lucas Franklyn.

Carlos and Frida Franco, her maternal grandparents, are Spanish-speaking Argentines.

The podcaster was close to her maternal grandmother Frida Franco. She posted the throwback photo with her grandmom Frida while vacationing in Paris in 2015.

Lucas Franklyn, half-brother

Lucas Franklyn, 19, is Sofia’s brother. His sibling is 11 years older.

Although 11 years apart, they were close growing up.

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Lucas discovered Sofia was his half-sister aged 15.

Corner Canyon High School in Draper, Utah, graduated him in May 2021. His cousin Gabe Franco taught him from Pre-K to Senior Year.

He learned construction from his father Mark.

His father recalled helping build distinctive showers in Taranaki with subway tile.

Lucas revealed his female preferences in his sister podcast, 58: Brother Sloot ft. Lucas.

Sofia Franklyn Dating?

Since 2018, Sofia Franklyn has dated HBO Senior Vice President Peter Nelson (Suitman).

Sofia’s dating life has intrigued fans since she discussed it in her podcast Call Her Daddy.

Call Her Daddy followers know Sofia is dating Suitman, which ended the podcast.

Distractify reported that Dave Portnoy revealed the true Suitman after Call Her Daddy Podcast.

Stool Sports Dave even thought Sofia Franklyn lover Pete Nelson influenced his arrangement with Sofia and Alexander Cooper.

In her new podcast Sofia with an F, the podcaster never mentioned Suitman but claimed that she celebrates Christmas Eve with her boyfriend and family every year.

58: Brother Sloot ft. Lucas surprised Lucas with Sofia Franklyn’s ex-boyfriend.

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