Who Went Home On Summer Baking Championship 2023? Explained

At the Summer Baking Championship 2023, Lisa, Kristina, Kyle, Ally, Carlos, and John were eliminated. When the final contender was eliminated, it was John.

The sixth season of Food Network’s Baking Championship, Summer Baking Championship, has premiered. On May 15th, 2023, Jesse Palmer took the helm as host of the new competition series.

The Kids Baking Championship, the Halloween Baking Championship, the Holiday Baking Championship, the Spring Baking Championship, and their respective spin-offs make up the Baking Championship brand.

Dessert-themed challenges and weekly eliminations culminate in a single champion.

Ten skilled bakers from throughout the country competed in summer-themed baking challenges across two episodes in the series premiere of Summer Baking Championship.


In this competition, aspiring bakers will battle it out for a $25,000 grand prize and the honour of being named Summer Baking Champion.



Who Went Home On Summer Baking Championship?

Lisa, Kristina, Kyle, Ally, Carlos and John went home on Summer Baking Championship. The sixth episode of the series premiered on June 12.

Throughout the season, the competitors will have to elevate summer classics like cobbler, cream pies, s’mores, and ice cream. After all, the competition is all about having fun in the sun.

Five episodes of the newest baking series have already landed on our screens. So, what were the challenges? Who has been eliminated from the show so far? Here is all we need to know.

Episode 1: Dockside Desserts


Summer Baking Championship contestants ready for their first week challenge; the show premiered on May 15 9/8c on Food Network and Discovery+
Summer Baking Championship contestants ready for their first week challenge; the show premiered on May 15 9/8c on Food Network and Discovery+( Source : instagram )


The series kicked off with a challenge to recall pleasant summer memories, as the competitors were tasked to create doughnuts that look like water floaties with 3D decorated elements.

Most of the doughnuts were underwhelming, with some bakers not understanding the theme.

But there were some good ones, including Yohann, who won the Pre Heat challenge and earned an advantage for the Main Heat, where they had to create a cake with a gelatin water feature.

Alyssa won the premiere main heat with her colorful and fun cake, offering a unique flavor profile borrowed from her Filipino heritage.

Unfortunately, two bakers, Kyle and Lisa, were at the bottom. In the end, Lisa was the first competitor eliminated on the Summer Baking Championship premiere.

She struggled with many aspects, from her gelatin being hard to the cake leaning. Moreover, her decision to use modeling chocolate as water balloons didn’t pay off.

Episode 2: Let’s Cool Off


The picture showing (from left) Carlos, Alyssa, and Zoe from Summer Baking Championship Episode 2
The picture showing (from left) Carlos, Alyssa, and Zoe from Summer Baking Championship Episode 2( Source : instagram )

The dessert featured prominently in the second episode. In the preheating process, the bakers made ice cream sandwiches with their own special inlay.

The bakers used a wide variety of cookie inlays, such as seashells, palm palms, lemons, and tie-dye. When compared to the pilot’s first challenge, the bakers displayed more confidence.



However, once the judges sampled the cookies, danger arrived. Some were tougher to chew than others, and some had a stronger flavour.

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However, the spotlight was all on Kyle and his ice cream sandwich with a lemon inlay.

The Main Heat task was to create ice cream desserts in the style of those sold from ice cream trucks.

There were a variety of ice cream candies to choose from, including chocolate caramel ice cream bars, chocolate dipped vanilla cones, chocolate vanilla almond bars, cherry pineapple swirl pops, and raspberry ice cream bars.

The judges were again impressed by Kyle’s raspberry Swiss roll. And it was Kristina who ultimately decided to go.

Episode 3: Summer Fun in the Sun


In Episode 2, Alyssa was paired up with Yohann, whom she called the best partner she could ever ask for
In Episode 2, Alyssa was paired up with Yohann, whom she called the best partner she could ever ask for( Source : instagram )

The third episode focused on fun things to do in the summer outdoors. In the Pre Heat, the bakers had to create s’more sweets with wild chocolate flavours.

The bakers were challenged to create a dessert based on cycling using only freshly squeezed juice. Kyle and John, Zoe and Carlos, Yohann and Alyssa, and Anrika and Ally all collaborated with one another in pairs this time around.

Zoe and Carlos’ yuzu and coconut s’more candy bar won high marks from the judges.

Moving on to the Main Heat, each baker was tasked with creating their own spin on the classic Paris-Breat. In this competition, some bakers had trouble getting the right balance of ingredients.

In addition, freshly squeezed juice was required for the recipe.

In this episode, Alyssa’s caramel apple Paris-Brest was judged to be the best. Kyle Davis’s choux pastry disaster meant he had to leave the party early. There was no hesitation in his dismissal.

Episode 4: Summer Fruitastic

The contestants’ desserts for episode 4’s pre heat were a clafoutis, crumble, or cobbler.

Even though some of the bakers experienced issues with the dough, the end results were delicious. The hardest part of the meal was making the clafoutis and custard.

Ally’s blueberry cobbler won the preliminary round. Despite its unappealing appearance, the well-balanced taste was well regarded.

The victory gave her an advantage; she could now choose between two alternative main heat flavours.

The bakers’ major aim was to create watermelon-themed sweets that actually taste and look like watermelon.

Since Ally was in a better position, she offered to trade flavours with Anricka, who liked watermelon and ginger, for watermelon and lime.

Next, the challenge took an unexpected turn when feta was added to the sweet course.

After winning the pre-heat, Ally had a major tumble. Her pavlova was underbaked, and the watermelon-and-lime topping she chose did not go well with the feta cheese.

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Unfortunately, in the fourth episode, Ally was sent home.

Episode 5: Beach Day

In this fifth episode, host Palmer gives the competitors a beach cocktail trifle challenge to help them capture the spirit of the beach. And when the weather warms up too much, the bakers will whip up some summer cream pies to cool everyone down.

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The pre-heat assignment required the contestants to create a trifle with a cocktail theme. However, the question remains, “Who won?” I’m talking about John right there!

Following this preliminary round, the bakers moved on to the main heat, in which they were tasked with preparing cream pies. He made himself a banana cream pie.

The bakers’ routine took an unexpected turn when they were asked to make a decoration out of tempered chocolate.

The judges gave Yohann and Zoe high marks for their baked goods. Yohann, however, was the only baker worthy of victory. In this story, he went from nothing to hero.

Carlos was eliminated from the competition due to his poor performance in both tasks.

Episode 6: Summer Celebrations

Episode 6 of the Summer Baking Championship focused on a proud tradition: grilling. And now that there were just five competitors left, they had to raise their game.

Both of Anrika and Yohann’s sweets had a somewhat burnt flavour from being overcooked on the grill. John’s pound cake didn’t impress the judges either.

Who exactly triumphed, though? Zoe’s blondie with grilled peaches won over the judges.

However, Zoe was the only one who could bake a cake, and she couldn’t make one because she lost the first competition.

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The Italian rainbow cookie that John made was too sugary, while the dessert that Alyssa made lacked nuance.

Yohan triumphed in the competition because his rainbow tart was intricate, vibrant, and stunning. John and Alyssa were at the bottom of the leaderboard, and John was the one sent home this time around.

Why Is Nancy Not On The Summer Baking Championship?

Nancy Fuller is too preoccupied with her other commitments to participate in the Summer Baking Championship. She was born and raised in Cleverack, New York, and is now an American chef and businesswoman.

She and her husband own the multimillion dollar business known as Ginsberg’s Foods, and she hosts the show Farmhouse Rules on the Food Network.

Clash of the Grandmas, Spring Baking Championship, and Holiday Baking Championship are just a few of the Food Network cooking competition shows on which Fuller has served as a judge.

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Fuller has appeared as a judge on multiple Food Network cooking competition series, including Clash of the Grandmas and Spring Baking Championship
Fuller has appeared as a judge on multiple Food Network cooking competition series, including Clash of the Grandmas and Spring Baking Championship( Source : instagram )


The show host Palmer (right) pictured with the judges (from left) Damaris, Duff, and Carla
The show host Palmer (right) pictured with the judges (from left) Damaris, Duff, and Carla( Source : instagram )


Goldman is a well-known American pastry chef and TV personality who has been on shows including Baking Championship, Ace of Cakes, and more on the Food Network.

Carla, a native of Nashville, made an appearance on Season 5 of Top Chef after previously appearing on Top Chef: All-Stars.

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Damaris, the celebrity chef, attended Jefferson Community and Technical College. She has a background in the culinary arts and is now a professor there.

Meet The Summer Baking Championship 2023 Contestants

Ten skilled bakers will compete in the Summer Baking Championship 2023 for a $25,000 grand prize.

Get to know about the competitors – Where are they from?

  • Alyssa Alcantara – San Diego, California
  • John Boyle – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Kyle Davis – Springfield, Missouri
  • Kristina Krause – Leesburg, Virginia
  • Yohann Le Bescond -Ocala, Florida
  • Lisa Lu – Healdsburg, California
  • Anrika Martin – Kingston, New York
  • Zoe Peckich -Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Carlos Pena – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Ally Radziewicz – Syracuse, New York

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