“The late Justina died through organ harvesting” – Tiktoker reveals

“The late Justina died through organ harvesting” Tiktoker reveals

In a recent and turn of events, a popular TikToker known as ReasonWithRay has come forward with a different and controversial perspective on death of Justina.

ReasonWithRay has suggested that Justina’s tragic death may not be linked to ritualistic practices but could be because of a rising trend in organ harvesting.

In a chilling revelation, she explained that Nigeria has become a hub for this illicit trade, where unsuspecting healthy individuals are either kidnapped or lured into a trap. They are brutally murdered, and their organs are ruthlessly harvested for sale on the thriving black market.

The late Justina’s story as reported, is one that has sent shockwaves throughout the community. Justina mysteriously disappeared approximately a week after leaving school, and tragically, her lifeless body was discovered three days later. The gruesome details of her murder and the shocking manner in which her body was mutilated left the nation in a state of disbelief.

Justina’s boyfriend, Collins, also known as Damien, is the man at the center of this crime. He had killed her up, cut her up and then attempted to dispose of her remains in a trash bin. However, vigilant security officials had apprehended him, leading to his subsequent arrest and questioning by the authorities.

In the wake of this shocking incident, many individuals in Nigeria have been quick to speculate about the possible motives behind Justina’s gruesome murder. A narrative is the association with ritual killings.

However this popular Tiktoker shared a different perspective to it with her own opinion about it being an organ harvesting.

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Also recall that VeryDarkman, a figure known for his audacious statements and often controversial viewpoints, had offered a deeply troubling perspective on the matter. VeryDarkman has refused to condemn Collins for his heinous actions and has gone so far as to express support for him.


In a video statement that left many aghast, he displayed an alarming lack of empathy for the deceased, Justina, and even seemed to provide a justification for Collins’ actions.

He argued that societal pressures placed on men to achieve financial success often lead some to consider illegal means as the only viable path. Darkman also claimed that individuals who, like himself, endeavor to accumulate wealth through legal means are frequently subjected to harsh criticism and ridicule when they don’t achieve financial prosperity swiftly.


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