Nigerian chef Tope Maggie breaks Irish chef, Alan Fisher’s 119-hour and 57-minute GWR cooking record after few days [Video]

Temitope Adebayo, known as Tope Maggie, has reportedly broken the Guinness World Record for marathon cooking, surpassing Irish chef Alan Fisher’s 119-hour and 57-minute record.

In a TikTok video titled ‘The record is broken, congratulations to Nigeria, Oyo State, Chef Tope Maggie,’ he stood cheered by supporters.

Tope’s achievement marks a significant win for Nigeria, reclaiming the title for the longest continuous cooking from Alan Fisher, who had recently dethroned chef Hilda Bassey after her 93-hour record.

Tope studied Hotel Management at the Federal Polytechnic, Ede, Osun State, and inherited the name ‘Maggie‘ from his mother, under whom he learned cooking.


He currently manages a chain of restaurants in Ogbomoso.







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