Trademore Estate: Four dead, 166 homes submerged in Abuja flood (Videos)

According to reports, at least four people have sadly died as a result of heavy floods in Trademore Estate and adjoining regions of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja. While the Director General of the FCT Emergency Management organisation (FEMA), Dr Abbas Idriss, denied any deaths, the organisation admitted that over 26 vehicles were washed away during the storm.

According to FEMA, the torrential downpour flooded around 166 homes in Trademore Estate. Furthermore, the rainfall damaged a tarred road, causing its full washout in the early morning hours. Dr. Abbas Idriss recommended residents to relocate from residences built on water channels, emphasising that the flooding in Trademore Estate was caused by violations in the water channel infrastructure.

FEMA’s Head of Public Affairs, Nkechi Isa, indicated that the agency’s director acknowledged Trademore Estate’s vulnerability to floods. She reported him as thanking stakeholders and citizens for their collaborative efforts to avert any loss of life during the flooding disaster, which has already abated.

Prior to this disaster, the Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency (NIHSA) issued a warning forecasting heavy flooding in the FCT and other states across the country, recommending inhabitants to migrate to safer areas.

The FEMA Director General also recommended locals to dial 112 in the event of future catastrophes, emphasising the significance of timely contact in such instances.

Watch the video below:


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