Season 2 Of UFO Cowboys Release Date: Is Ufo Cowboys On Roku Scripted?

The mysterious world of the unknown and supernatural has captivated audiences worldwide, and one TV series that has taken the genre by storm is “UFO Cowboys.” With a thrilling first season premiering on Roku Channel in July 2023, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of season 2 in 2024.

The show follows a group of brave ranchers known as Cowboy Sky Watchers, who embark on a mission to explore paranormal adventures along the infamous 37th Parallel in the American West. From UFO sightings to extraterrestrial encounters, the show promises to unravel the enigmatic secrets that lie along the mythical UFO Superhighway.

A Journey into the Unknown

The Cowboy Sky Watchers are no ordinary ranchers. They have taken on the challenge of examining supernatural activities that have intrigued and puzzled people for generations. The American West has become a hotspot for various UFO sightings and other paranormal phenomena, making it the ideal location for the group to conduct their investigations.

Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Technology

To unravel the mysteries of the American West, the Cowboy Sky Watchers rely on a unique blend of ancient tracking approaches and cutting-edge technology. By combining traditional methods with advanced tools, they hope to gain new insights into the unexplained events that occur in the ranches and farms of the region.

A Gripping Premiere and Positive Feedback

The first season of “UFO Cowboys” was nothing short of captivating. Viewers were drawn into the world of the Cowboy Sky Watchers as they faced thrilling challenges and encountered extraordinary beings. The show received positive feedback from its audience, who praised its originality and the sense of wonder it invoked.

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The Anticipation for Season 2

With the successful first season, the excitement for season 2 has reached new heights. Viewers eagerly await the return of the Cowboy Sky Watchers as they delve deeper into the uncharted territory of the American West. While an official announcement from the production team is yet to be made, the cast members’ comments hint at their involvement in the second season.

A New Adventure Awaits

The Cowboy Sky Watchers are not ones to shy away from a challenge. As fans eagerly speculate about the upcoming season, rumors suggest that a new adventure is in the works. The West area holds countless secrets, and viewers can expect the unexpected as the ranchers embark on yet another thrilling journey.

The Dynamic Cast

“UFO Cowboys” boasts a talented and diverse cast, each contributing their unique skills and personalities to the show.

Ora Brown: The Adventurous Stuntman

Ora Brown brings his daring spirit to the screen as he fearlessly performs stunts and embraces the Western lifestyle. His journey from a stunt rider to an entrepreneur reflects his deep passion for cowboy life.

Parker Howell: The Tracker and Rancher

Parker Howell’s expertise in tracking and ranching makes him an invaluable member of the Cowboy Sky Watchers. His deep connection to nature and the outdoors adds an element of authenticity to the show.

Jeff Sailors: The Storyteller and Adventurer

Jeff Sailors’ fifty years of experience with horses and mules in the wilderness has made him a master storyteller. His tales captivate viewers and enhance the show’s sense of adventure.

Hadley Sanders: The Cowboy at Rodeo

Hadley Sanders’ background in rodeo adds a unique dimension to the show. His firsthand knowledge of cowboy culture and ranch life brings authenticity to his character.

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Kaleb Summers: The TV Personality and PRCA Steer Wrestler

Kaleb Summers’ engaging personality and expertise as a PRCA Steer Wrestler make him a fan favorite. His adventurous spirit aligns perfectly with the show’s theme.

Josh Tyler: The Pro Fighter and Part-Time Adventurer

Josh Tyler’s background as a former pro fighter and part-time adventurer adds a thrilling edge to the show. His charisma and enthusiasm for the unknown make him a standout member of the cast.

Real or Fake: Unraveling the Mystery Behind “UFO Cowboys”

As fans immersed themselves in the gripping storyline of “UFO Cowboys,” questions arose about its authenticity. Some viewers pointed out certain aspects of the show that raised doubts about its veracity. Specifically, a scene featuring Jeff’s alleged abduction by the government in a white room drew skepticism from observant fans.

A Blend of Fiction and Reality

While “UFO Cowboys” is not a documentary, it cleverly weaves elements of fiction and reality to create an immersive experience for viewers. The show’s ability to blur the lines between what is real and what is staged has been praised by some fans, who consider it a brilliant Hollywood hoax.


“UFO Cowboys” has emerged as a thrilling and enigmatic TV series that takes viewers on a journey into the unknown. With the promise of a second season in 2024, fans are eagerly anticipating new adventures and mysteries to be uncovered by the intrepid Cowboy Sky Watchers. While the show’s authenticity remains a topic of debate, there is no denying the excitement and intrigue it has brought to audiences worldwide.

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  1. Is “UFO Cowboys” based on real events?

    “UFO Cowboys” is a fictional TV series that creatively explores paranormal adventures and UFO sightings in the American West. While inspired by real-life mysteries, the show blends elements of fiction and reality.

  2. Will there be a second season of “UFO Cowboys”?

    Yes, “UFO Cowboys” is set to return with a second season in 2024. Viewers can look forward to more thrilling adventures with the Cowboy Sky Watchers.

  3. Are the cast members experienced in the Western lifestyle?

    Many of the cast members have connections to the Western lifestyle and cowboy-related activities, which add authenticity to their portrayals in the show.

  4. Is the UFO Superhighway a real phenomenon?

    The term “UFO Superhighway” is colloquially used to describe the 37th Parallel in the American West, where numerous UFO sightings and paranormal activities have been reported.

  5. Is “UFO Cowboys” a documentary or a scripted series?

    “UFO Cowboys” is a scripted TV series that creatively combines elements of fiction and adventure. While it explores paranormal themes, it is not a documentary.

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