Wike is satanic; he invited Isrealis to kill all bearded Muslims in Abuja – Sheikh Gumi

Controversial Islamic scholar Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has condemned Nyesom Wike, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), labeling him as “satanic.” Gumi’s critique is in response to Wike’s reception of the Israeli Ambassador to Nigeria and his plans to collaborate with Israel on security matters in Abuja.

During a sermon posted on his Facebook page, Gumi expressed his disapproval, suggesting that the minister’s actions would transform Abuja into an extension of Tel Aviv. He raised concerns about the potential repercussions for bearded Muslims in Abuja, alleging that they would be unjustly tagged as Osama Bin Laden and subjected to harm.

Gumi further articulated his reservations about entrusting Nigeria’s national security to individuals who are Christian and from the Southern part of the country, insisting that it posed a dangerous prospect.

According to Gumi, “The Minister of the FCT is a Satanic person; I said it before when he was appointed, and some people were grumbling. He has gone and brought the Israeli Ambassador, that’s what someone sent, and I am yet to watch it. But what is confirmed is he said they will collaborate with the Israelis on Abuja’s security issues. Abuja will now become an extension of Tel Aviv, and when they see anyone with a beard like us, they will say it is Bin Laden, and we will be killed.”

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