Here’s Why Zak Bagans’ Eyes Need Prism Glasses

Zak Bagans need prism glasses due to his double vision. He can’t get rid of his double eyesight.

If you ever experience double vision, it means that you are seeing two separate images of the same item. Prism glasses allow you to see both pictures at once.

Zak Bagans, the host of the popular paranormal investigation show “Ghost Adventures,” is known for his fearless approach to investigating haunted places. However, in recent years, fans have noticed that he wears prism glasses. These glasses are not a fashion statement, but rather a necessity due to a medical condition.

Zak Bagans has a condition called diplopia, or double vision, which causes him to see two images of one object. This condition can be caused by nerve or muscle damage in the eye.

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In Zak’s case, it is believed to have been caused by his investigation of the infamous Demon House in Indiana. The house was so haunted that Zak had to demolish it to prevent anyone else from being harmed. However, it seems that the house left a lasting impact on Zak’s health.

Despite his condition, Zak continues to investigate haunted places and has even brought some of the Demon House remnants to his museum in Las Vegas. His dedication to the paranormal investigation field is admirable, and his willingness to share his struggles with his fans is a testament to his honesty and authenticity.

Zak rocks some beautiful prism eyewear. He wears Oakley prescription glasses on the daily.

American author, TV ghost hunter, actor, museum owner, and character Zachary Alexandar Bagans. He currently resides in Sin City.

Bagans was born in the nation’s capital but grew up in the Chicago suburb of Glen Ellyn. His high school diploma is from Glenbard West.

The host of Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel is a paranormal activist.

In 2021, the paranormal investigator recently affiliated with the most popular television network, Discovery+.

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The Ghost Adventures, which debuted in 2008 on Travel Channel, may now be seen on Discovery+.

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What Happened To Zak Bagans Eyes?

Diplopia, or double vision, affects Zak Bagans eyes. It’s not something you’re born with; rather, it’s something that evolved over time.

Double vision, often known as diplopia, is a medical condition. This is not a life-threatening condition, but it does warrant consistent monitoring.


Double vision occurs when one perceives two separate but identical views of the same item.

Seeing normally requires coordination between the eyes, the muscles that move them, the nerves that carry images to the brain, and the brain itself. If there is a problem with any of these components, you may have double vision.

A single eye (monocular) or both eyes (binocular) may be affected. Horizontal (pictures next to each other) or vertical (one image on top of the other) layouts are also possible.


A test for clinical reasoning with a man with vertical diplopia in image D.
A test for clinical reasoning with a man with vertical diplopia in image D.( Source : twitter )


Dry eyes, astigmatism, and cataracts are the most common causes of monocular vision, which is much less common. Squint is typically caused by problems with the eye muscles or the optic nerve, while binoculars are merely a symptom of the condition.

He’s had double vision for how long?

Zak didn’t have it at birth; he picked it up while doing a Demon House movie.

In a tweet sent in 2019, Bagans acknowledged experiencing constant double vision. To save his eyes, he always puts on his prism glasses.

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The ghost hunter contracted the illness in a house in Gary, Indiana, according to the Best of Las Vegas story. Visionaries reported that the residence housed 200 devils.


Zak bagans did not have double vision as a child.
Zak bagans did not have double vision as a child.( Source : instagram )

The paranormal investigator made the purchase over the phone without ever setting foot in the house. He shut himself up in the house and tried to track down ghosts.

His eyes have been crossing ever since that day. He went to four different eye physicians, but none of them had an answer for the sudden onset of his eyesight difficulties.

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He might benefit from surgery, but after learning that it could cause him to go blind, he has resigned himself to a lifetime of wearing prism glasses.

Cure Methods for Blurry Vision

Optometrists may recommend one or more of the following treatments for double vision, depending on the underlying cause:

  • Barring the vision of one eye using an eye patch, occlusive lens, or prism glasses
  • Injecting botulinum toxin
  • Surgery
  • Treating other medical conditions

Zak Wears Cool Prism Glasses

To combat his double vision, Zak Bagans uses prism glasses. They appear to be no different from standard reading glasses.

His everyday pair of eyewear is Oakley.

While replying to a tweet, Zak Bagans revealed that his regular prism glasses are from Oakley.
While replying to a tweet, Zak Bagans revealed that his regular prism glasses are from Oakley. ( Source : instagram )


If you suffer from double vision, your eye doctor may suggest prism glasses. Also good for occasional eye strain.

Myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism are common refractive defects that can be corrected with lenses. Instead of addressing refractive errors, Prism lenses address concerns with eye alignment or movement.

What is the procedure?

Light entering the eye is distorted by a prism attached to the eyewear. The eyes then adjust the light so that it falls on the proper area of the retina.

The brain then uses both inputs to form a single, coherent picture.

The lens or lenses of a person’s glass can have a pair of long-wearing prism glasses connected to them. In order to correct your vision temporarily, the Fresnel prism is your best bet.

Such glasses may fix the double vision from eye misalignment when caused by:

  • Eye muscle problem
  • Neurological (brain-related) issues
  • Nerve-related difficulty

The host of paranormal shows has been using prism eyeglasses since 2018.  It was the day he documented his film ‘Demon House’ in a Gary, Indiana house.

In order to correct the double vision, you can buy prism glasses on Amazon.

Warby Parker also offers some fashionable options with a wide selection of prism glasses to choose from.

The Host Hasn’t Changed His Style In A While

The host of Ghost Adventures can pull off even the most simple styles. Bagans wears predominantly black and dark prism spectacles, as seen on his Instagram.

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He favours black or dark-colored clothing and a gothic appearance. The classic goth look consists of graphic tees, dark bottoms, tops, and caps.


The host hasn't changed his fashion in years, continuing with simple yet dark colored clothes.
The host hasn’t changed his fashion in years, continuing with simple yet dark colored clothes. ( Source : instagram )


His style of clothes is indicative of a gloomy outlook on life and a negative mentality. No caps or dark jackets with graphics are introduced, but otherwise the style is consistent.

Several websites provide host-inspired clothing and accessories, such as hats and Zak Bagan’s apparel.

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Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, and Jay Wasley, who are on his team, are all dressed similarly. The entire group is a fan of black.

The 45-year-old ghost hunter frequently faces criticism for his choice of clothing.

If you have such questions, Bagans has sensible answers. Any day of the week, and frequently all night, is fair game for a ghost hunter.

A ghost hunter, or anyone else who spends a lot of time in dark rooms, would benefit from wearing brightly coloured attire to stand out against the darkness.


From left-right: Jay Wasley, Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin and Billey Tolley.
From left-right: Jay Wasley, Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin and Billey Tolley. ( Source : instagram )


Furthermore, brightly coloured clothing does not complement the setting or the show’s intended message. The typical stereotype of a paranormal investigator does not include a person dressed in a bright checkered shirt, denim and white trainers.

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As a result, the uniform style used by the cast of Ghost Adventures is appropriate and effective.

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