About Us

StechiteGist.com is a free Nigerian online newspaper covering national and international events, as well as sports, entertainment, Virals, politics, and pop culture. The site’s mission is to provide Nigerians with up-to-date, well-written, unique, thoroughly researched, and objective news and political information on the web. It’s not affiliated with any other magazine and is solely available online.

Press releases, crime reports, sports news, entertainment news, and opinion pieces are just some of the types of content that can be found on StechiteGist.com.

Through careful analysis of reader feedback, our editors are always working to enhance the quality of our site for our audience.

Editorial Priorities


  • Our reporting is always objective and unbiased.
  • We are unbiased and not tied to any certain political party or reporting niche.
  • Honesty and accuracy are cornerstones of the way we approach journalism.