Joburg man shot dead while celebrating friend’s birthday in Phoenix

A 46-year-old man from Johannesburg was tragically shot and killed while attending a friend’s birthday celebration at a bar in Phoenix. The incident occurred during a robbery, where the man reportedly engaged in a shootout with the assailants.

According to the Reaction Unit South Africa, the victim drew his firearm and shot one of the suspects, but was then struck by gunfire from another assailant. The man was also robbed of his own firearm during the incident.

The South African Police Services in KwaZulu-Natal has been contacted for further information. The director of Reaction Unit South Africa, Prem Balram, stated that the shooting was reported around 1am, and it was revealed that four suspects had entered the bar and held up both the staff and the patrons.

The deceased, a resident of Johannesburg, was at the bar to celebrate a friend’s birthday at the time of the tragic event. The authorities recovered several spent 9mm cartridges at the scene.

In a separate incident on the previous night, two men were found shot dead at the entrance of the Waterloo Community Hall in Waterloo. The motive behind this double murder remains unknown.

The victims have not been identified at the time of reporting. 

According to Balram the discovery was made just after 10pm.

“We received a call for assistance from residents reporting multiple shots being fired. Reaction Officers were immediately dispatched and on arrival discovered the bullet riddled bodies at the entrance of the premises.”

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