Kizz Daniel & Davido ‘Twe Twe’ Remix Lyrics Meaning Explained

Kizz Daniel and Davido’s “Twe Twe” Remix is a cultural celebration that combines the talents of two of Nigeria’s most dynamic musical forces.

The song is more than just a dance hit; it’s a fusion of Nigerian culture, language diversity, and the power of musical collaboration. The lyrics explore themes of prosperity, attraction, and the universal language of dancing, making it a global hit.

The “Twe Twe” Remix features a blend of Nigerian Pidgin, English, and Yoruba, creating a rich, cultural tapestry that is both captivating and meaningful. The lyrics are not just about catchy beats and dance moves; they tell a story and convey a message.

In the intro, Kizz Daniel sets the tone with the line “Vado,” which is his nickname, giving the song a personal and intimate feel. The first verse focuses on Kizz Daniel’s celebration of wealth and success, with the line “Won ni things ti won” (They have things they own).

Intro: Kizz Daniel Sets the Tone
🎵 Lyric: “Vado”

Meaning: Kizz Daniel’s nickname, setting a personal and intimate tone for the song.
Verse 1: Kizz Daniel’s Celebration of Wealth and Success
🎵 Lyrics and Meanings:

“Won ni things ti won” (They have things they own)
Meaning: A nod to people flaunting their possessions.
“Won ni omo won” (They have their children)
Meaning: Possibly referencing pride in one’s family.
“Won ni car ti won” (They have their cars)
Meaning: A symbol of wealth and status.
“Ka shey akojo” (Let’s make a list)
Meaning: Suggesting a tally of blessings or achievements.
“Mallam na mallam”
Meaning: A phrase indicating agreement or acknowledgment.
“Alhamdulilahi owo mi po dada” (Thank God, my money is good)
Meaning: Expressing gratitude for financial success.
Chorus: The Call to Dance
🎵 Lyrics and Meanings:

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“Twe twe twe twe twe twe, Twerk your body”
Meaning: A catchy, repetitive hook encouraging listeners to dance and express themselves freely.
Verse 2: Davido’s Energetic Entry
🎵 Lyrics and Meanings:

“Isakaba (Baddest)”
Meaning: ‘Isakaba’ is a Nigerian term, and ‘Baddest’ is Davido’s tag, adding a layer of swagger.
“Give me your bakasi oh”
Meaning: ‘Bakasi’ is a playful term for the backside, adding a flirtatious tone.
“Your body looking like tsunami”
Meaning: Comparing a woman’s allure to a powerful, overwhelming wave.
“Explosive, hiroshima, nagasaki”
Meaning: Likening her impact to historic, powerful explosions.
“Plenty omoge don make me miscalculate”
Meaning: Admitting being distracted by many beautiful women.
“Don make me over dey pay”
Meaning: Suggesting he’s spending more than intended.
“Don make me dey misbehave”
Meaning: Indicating that he’s acting out of character.
“With the way them twe twe twe twe”
Meaning: Emphasizing the effect of their dancing.
“Fit to make a man go keke na pe pe pe”
Meaning: Suggesting the dance can drive a man crazy.
“Egbami oh Jesu”
Meaning: A Yoruba phrase meaning “Help me, oh Jesus,” showing being overwhelmed.
“They be feeling the boy like oleku”
Meaning: ‘Oleku’ is a popular style, suggesting he’s in vogue.
“Osondi owendi oh di oh di oh di oh”
Meaning: A popular Igbo phrase, adding cultural richness.
Chorus Repeated
🎵 Lyrics and Meanings:

“Twe twe twe twe twe twe, Twerk your body”
Meaning: Reiterating the call to dance and enjoy the moment.

The “Twe Twe” Remix is a testament to the power of collaboration and the beauty of cultural diversity. It’s a song that not only entertains but also educates and inspires, making it a true masterpiece in the world of music.

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