Latest NPower News for Today Tuesday, 5th July 2023

According to the most recent Npower news, Nasims, the Npower management, is planning an interactive discussion session with Npower Batch C beneficiaries. The session is slated on Monday, July 10, 2023, at 8 a.m., and will be carried out via social media outlets.

The session’s goal, according to Nasims, is to encourage involvement and dialogue with the recipients. This is a brand-new endeavour that we have never attempted before. Our media team will be on hand to answer your questions. Please mark your calendars for this crucial date, as Nasims has directed.


The Npower management team’s proactive approach is laudable, as effective and consistent contact with beneficiaries is critical.

Previously, interactive sessions with Npower Batch A and B beneficiaries were held, which were great experiences.

Reviving such engagements with Npower Batch C recipients will aid in the resolution of different challenges and provide answers to many of the concerns that beneficiaries are asking. Concerns about delayed payments, Npower Validation, the status of Npower Batch C1, and the possibilities for exiting beneficiaries over the Nexit plan are among the issues raised.

Meanwhile, Nasims has told Npower Batch C beneficiaries that they will be kept up to date on current happenings across the world while they await additional developments on stipend payments.


Rest assured that all of your comments have been gathered and submitted to the proper department, as this is an important part of our job. We will continue to keep you updated. Nasims confirmed that payment operations are still proceeding.

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