Senator Abba Moro Excluded: A Shake-Up in Senate Standing Committees

The Senate President, Godswill Akpabio, recently announced the names of the chairmen and vice-chairmen of the standing committees of the Senate. This announcement, made during a plenary session on August 7, 2023, marks a significant development in the Senate’s organizational structure. In this article, we dive into the details of these appointments, shedding light on the key individuals and the roles they will play in shaping legislative matters in the country.

The Notable Appointments

The list of committee chairmen and vice-chairmen includes several notable appointments, each holding the potential to influence and drive legislative agendas. Among these appointments are:

  1. Senator Adams Oshiomhole – Committee on Interior Senator Oshiomhole’s appointment as Chairman of the Committee on Interior highlights his experience and potential contributions to matters concerning the country’s internal affairs and security.
  2. Senator Sani Musa – Committee on Finance As Chairman of the Committee on Finance, Senator Sani Musa will play a pivotal role in shaping financial policies that impact the nation’s economic landscape.
  3. Senator Abdulfatai Buhari – Committee on Aviation Senator Buhari’s appointment as Chairman of the Committee on Aviation emphasizes his role in addressing issues related to the aviation industry and its growth.
  4. Osita Izunaso – Committee on Capital Market Osita Izunaso’s role as Chairman of the Committee on Capital Market reflects his potential to influence policies that shape investment opportunities and market regulations.
  5. Seriake Dickson – Committee on Ecology Seriake Dickson’s appointment as Chairman of the Committee on Ecology underscores his responsibility for matters related to environmental sustainability and climate change.
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The Committee Landscape

The Senate’s new committee lineup encompasses a wide array of sectors and issues crucial to the nation’s development. The committees and their respective chairmen are as follows:

  1. Senate Committee on Airforce – Akwashiki Godiya
  2. Senate Committee on Anti Corruption and Financial Crimes – Udende Emmanuel
  3. Senate Committee on Establishment and Public Services – Cyril Fasuyi
  4. Senate Committee on Downstream Petroleum
  5. Senate Committee on Defence – Ahmed Lawan
  6. Senate Committee on Public Accounts – Wadada Ahmed
  7. Senate Committee on Special Duties – Kaka Shehu Lawan
  8. Senate Committee on Sustainable Development Goals – Idiat Oluranti
  9. Senate Committee on Works – Patrick Ndubueze
  10. Senate Committee on Army – Abdulaziz Yaradua
  11. Senate Committee on Customs Excise and Tariff – Isa Jibrin
  12. Senate Committee on Cooperation and Integration NEPAD – Yau Sahabi
  13. Senate Committee on Culture and Tourism – Ishaku Elisha
  14. Senate Committee on Diaspora and NGO – Victor Umeh
  15. Senate Committee on Drugs and Narcotics – Dankwambo Ibrahim

The Role of Committees

Each committee plays a pivotal role in addressing specific issues and sectors, conducting research, proposing policies, and overseeing the implementation of relevant legislation. The appointed chairmen will guide the committees’ activities, contributing their expertise and knowledge to shape the nation’s legislative landscape.

A Step Towards Progress

The unveiling of the Senate’s new committee lineup marks a significant step toward progress and effective governance. These committees are entrusted with the responsibility of addressing critical issues that impact the nation’s development, economy, security, and social well-being.

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The appointment of chairmen and vice-chairmen to the Senate’s standing committees underscores the Senate’s commitment to addressing diverse issues that shape the nation’s future. With experienced individuals at the helm of these committees, the nation can anticipate well-informed policies and strategic decisions that contribute to its growth and advancement.


Q1: What is the significance of the Senate President’s recent announcement? A1: The Senate President’s announcement of committee chairmen and vice-chairmen reflects a strategic step toward effective governance and legislative influence.

Q2: How do committee chairmen contribute to legislative matters? A2: Committee chairmen play a crucial role in guiding committees’ activities, proposing policies, and overseeing the implementation of legislation within their respective sectors.

Q3: How will Senator Adams Oshiomhole’s role impact the Committee on Interior? A3: Senator Oshiomhole’s appointment as Chairman of the Committee on Interior signifies his influence in matters related to internal affairs and security.

Q4: What sectors do the announced committees cover? A4: The announced committees cover a range of sectors, including finance, aviation, capital market, ecology, and more.

Q5: How will the committee appointments contribute to the nation’s development? A5: The committee appointments bring together experienced individuals who will shape policies and decisions that impact the nation’s development, economy, and well-being.

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