Unbreakable Love Story of Shakur Sozahdah and Joshua Landon Smith: A Journey of Love, Laughter, and Family”

Joshua Landon Smith, who is married to Shakur Sozahdah, became a real estate agent on his own. In October 2020, Shakur and Joshua filed to end their marriage.

She is known for her roles in Shaft, Los Blancos, and November Rule. She is also a rapper.

The actor played Yasmine Blanco in the 2012 video Los Blancos, which she also helped to direct and produce.

She has been in a few TV shows and movies, like V-Jay Jay Tales, The Bear, and Two Times a Loser, over the years.

This year, she appeared on the Hulu reality show Secrets & Sisterhood with her nine sisters and her husband, Smith.

In this new reality show, the sisters who were born in the United States share their bond and their secret.

A long time ago, the actress chose to make this show. She worked with Hulu and Half Yard Productions to make a show. It was first shown on Hulu on June 7, 2023.

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Joshua Landon Smith Is a Real Estate

Shakur Sozahdah’s husband, Joshua Landon Smith, works at Limited Liability Company as a real estate salesman. Smith and Shakur joined the group Secrets & Sisterhood.

She is 40 years old and was born on January 21, 1983.

Smith, a 40-year-old, is the second-born son in the Smith family who was rasied alongside his two brothers, Chad and Shyane

His mum wished him a happy 40th birthday this year. She also said that her love for him is unending and that words can’t describe how happy and proud she is to be his mother.

His mother, Stacey Smith, owns Sugar Plum’s Boutique and works as a stylist.

In 1992, she opened a Christian shop at 207 W Main Street in Visalia, California, United States.

His mum, Stacey, once said that she was amazed by how strong and determined he was to get through hard things.

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Joshua has two brothers. Their names are Chadwick Smith and Timothy Shyne Smith. He is the Smith family’s second kid.

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Joshua Smith’s big brother is Shyne Smith. He was born on May 27, 1980, making him 43 years old.

The two of them got married on September 18, 2021. He has one son and two girls. Kaydence is 16 and MaKinleys is 14.

Shyne is happy for his younger brother, who got a role in the Hulu show Secrets & Sisterhood.

The real estate agent’s younger brother is Chadwick Smith. He was born on February 19, 1986, making him 37 years old.

He married Amber Smith in 2009, and they have two beautiful children.

Still Together: Shakur and Joshua

Sozahdah sued her husband, Smith, for a family marriage dissolution/divorce on October 7, 2020.

UniCourt says that the case was filed at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles, California.

The actor from November Rule chose Zafari Qais to be his lawyer.

Shakur and Joshua almost split up in 2022, but they worked out their problems and later starred on the reality show Secrets & Sisterhood as a couple.
Shakur and Joshua almost split up in 2022, but they worked out their problems and later starred on the reality show Secrets & Sisterhood as a couple.(Instagram is the source)

The case lasted two years in court. At 8:30 AM on March 15, 2022, Judge Wendy L. Wilcox in Department 81 finally threw out the case.

They got back together and started working together on the Hulu show Secrets & Sisterhood.

After almost getting split in the first episode, Shakur hosts Eid Holiday. After that, they decide to go to treatment together and even plan a vow renewal.


Now, they are in love with each other. Smith said that his wife was his guardian angel and that she saved his life and helped him become the best version of himself.

Shakur Sozahdah Has 9 Sisters

Shakur Sozahdah sisters are Shaista, Halimah, Khajida, Rabya, Muzlefa, Jamila, Siddiqa, Nooreya, and Hamida.

She is in charge of their group of wolves. They were both on Secrets & Sisterhood, a reality show on Huly.

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Shakur, a well-known person on the Internet, said that she only has a sister as a friend. They have been her friend and advisor for her whole life.

The brothers’ lives have been very hard, and they have dealt with more problems and tragedies than most people do in two lifetimes.

But these sisters are strong and keep going. The bond between the sisters is strong and can’t be broken.

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Shakur and her nine sisters went to the Mateo & 7th Gallery in Los Angeles, California, for the second annual charity art gala.

Here are the sisters of Sozahdah:

  • Shaista Sozahdah, who was born first, is 48 years old and runs a restaurant.
    Halimah Sozahdah: 46, Riverside Country Ombudsman
    The Hen Mother Khadija Sozahdah: 46
    Rabya Sozahdah: 41, Financial adviser Muzlefa Sozahdah: 38
    The Girl Boss Jamila Sozahdah is 36 years old and runs her own business.
    Siddiqa Sozahdah, 35, is a trained nurse in the emergency room or in a hospital.
    The Hot Head Nooreya Sozahdah, 34, is the owner of a private equity company. Hamida Sozahdah: 32
    The Shakur Sozahdah family was born in Afghanistan, but they later moved to the United States. So, they have different ideas about religion because of this.


Shakur, who was born in the United States, is a Muslim. Noori, the 9th child, said that her brothers were raised in a very strict Muslim family.

So, her older sisters are more conservative than her younger sisters.

Doctor Jamila wrote on People that these 10 Muslim American sisters have a tie that can’t be broken.

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She even thought it wasn’t the best idea for her and her sisters to film the reality show together. The brothers thought it would bring them closer together, but now they aren’t sure.

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Who is Shakur Sozahdah’s mum and dad?

Mor Jann and her late father are Shakur Sozahdah’s mum and dad. She was born on October 8, 1985, to a Muslim family.

The actor, who is 37 years old, sent herself a birthday wish for 2021. She also said that both successes and mistakes are part of this year’s journey and teach us something.

Her single mother, Mor Jann, raised her after her father died.

Mor has ten kids with her late husband. In the early 1980s, they were forced to leave Afghanistan. They brought up their daughter in a Muslim home that was very strict.

After Shakur’s father died, her sister Jamila said that God had blessed their family by giving them Grandpa Howie.

Shakur and her nine sisters were raised by their single mother, Mor Jann. She taught all of her girls to be disciplined, to work hard in school, and to have a strong faith.

Shakur and her nine sisters have raised by the single mother Mor Jann who instilled discipline, education, and a strong faith in each of her daughters

He was there for them when they most needed him. Howie’s grandfather served in the Navy when he was in his 40s.

Jamila said she was thankful for her amazing mother, who has spent her whole life raising and taking care of her ten girls.

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She also said that Mor is the perfect example of a role model and a true warrior who has taught each of her girls discipline, education, and a strong faith.

So, her kids think about all the things she has done for them and the lessons she has taught them.

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