All About Zatima Season 3 Release Date and Filming Schedule Announced

Get ready for an intergalactic adventure like no other as Zatima Season 3 is set to blast off soon! Fans of the hit sci-fi series can now breathe a sigh of relief as the official release date and filming schedule have finally been announced.

With the tantalizing love story of Zac and Fatima set to take center stage, viewers can expect a thrilling ride through space as the duo navigates the challenges of their relationship against the backdrop of a fantastical universe. So buckle up and prepare for an epic journey as we countdown to the highly-anticipated release of Zatima Season 3!


The third season of Zatima is scheduled to premiere in the spring of 2024. In August of 2023, production on Zatima Season 3 will get underway.

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Zatima, a Tyler Perry creation and BET original, debuted that day, October 23, 2019. Season 6 will premiere on May 31, 2023, making the total number of episodes in the series six.

On December 8, 2021, BET + ordered a spin-off called Zatima, which debuted on September 22, 2022.

In this offshoot, Zac and Fatima start off on a new adventure together, but their happiness is threatened by deception, cheating, secrets, and old flames.

The network renewed the show for a second season on February 17, 2023, and the next season debuted on March 16, 2023.

Devale Ellis plays Zachary “Zac” Taylor, and Crystal Renee Hayslett plays Fatima Wilson, the two main characters in the show. Cameron Fuller, Remington Hoffman, and Nzinga Imani also have starring roles in the comedic drama.


The stakes are raised significantly for Zac and Fatima in Season 2. There was a breakup at the end of the season, and the audience isn’t happy about it. Is season 3 of Zatima in the works?

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Will There Be A Season 3 of Zatima?

A third season of Zatima is definitely in the works. The third season of Zatima will premiere in the spring of 2024.

Zatima’s lead actor, Devale, announced the third season’s renewal in an Instagram response to a fan. And after reading the actor’s response, viewers felt even better.

The star posted a hilarious scene from the show starring Zac and his pals Nate and Tony on Instagram on April 22, 2023.

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Someone commented, “My feelings was hurt when I went on BETplus to watch Zatima last night and last week was the season finale.”

Fans were shocked when Devale really responded to a fan’s letter, saying, “That was just the mid season finally.” Season 2 is extended by 10 episodes, and production on Season 3 begins in August.


Ellis talking about the Season 2 mid-season finale and filming of Season 3 while responding to a fan in one of his IG posts
Ellis talking about the Season 2 mid-season finale and filming of Season 3 while responding to a fan in one of his IG posts( Source : instagram )

Another reader, similarly disappointed with the season’s conclusion, expressed relief at the news. Another supporter expressed appreciation to the actor for settling the matter.

As in: “@iamdevale my dude!!! I was hoping you wouldn’t leave us waiting like that. My mother and I have become dedicated viewers. In addition, another has been added.


The second season’s midpoint conclusion included a breakup that left communication channels open. The series finale, titled “The Good With The Bad,” aired on BETplus on April 13, 2023.

As we saw in Episode 10, Zac’s past trauma is surfacing in his present-day relationships. When Fatima’s parents finally meet him, it doesn’t go well.

The second season will conclude in ten episodes. BETplus hasn’t provided a firm premiere date for the rest of the series.

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Preparations are underway for August’s filming of Season 3 of Zatima.




Production on Zatima Season 3 will begin in August of 2023. The data was gleaned from comments made by Instagram users on a post by Devale in April.

A Twitter user announced on April 25, 2023, that filming for Season 3 of Zatima would begin on August 10th using the hashtags #ZatimaOnBETPlus #ZatimaOnBET#ZatimaSEASON#. “Can’t wait,” wrote a second user.


Production on the debut season began in 2021, and it will air in the autumn of 2022. Ellis revealed the September premiere date later on Instagram.

The announcement came after viewers learned that filming had begun on Season 2 of the show. Putting the finishing touches on Season 2 before announcing the premiere date for Season 1?

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Perry’s shows tend to have a consistent format. They usually start filming the next season while the current one is still airing.

BET will announce that they have renewed Perry’s show for a second season either right before the season premieres or after the first few episodes have aired.



Zatima stars Ellis and Renee Hayslett pictured together in front of the series' poster
Zatima stars Ellis and Renee Hayslett pictured together in front of the series’ poster( Source : instagram )

Through the seasons, we’ve seen them work through the ups and downs of their relationship. Season 2 solidified the show’s position as a BET mainstay.

Zac’s internal strife from Season 2 was exacerbated by his reunion with his mother after a long absence.

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When Fatima is unable to convince her partner to face his demons, she begins to doubt that he needs her.

The show has not yet returned to address the fallout from the separation.

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The Full Scoop on Season 3 of Zatima

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Season 3 of Zatima will begin production in August 2023, with a premiere date in the spring of 2024 as a safe bet. Zac and Fatima’s rocky relationship will be explored more this season.

The main characters, including Nzinga Imani (Angels), Remington Hoffman (Bryce), and Cameron Fuller (Nathan), will all be back, and they’ll be joined by series regulars Ellis and Renee Hayslett to amp up the drama.

Also returning to their regular roles are Jasmin Brown (Deja), Guyviaud Joseph (Tony), and Danielle LaRoach (Belinda).

Renee Hayslett as Fatima and Redaric Williams as Paul in Perry's comedy-drama series Zatima
Renee Hayslett as Fatima and Redaric Williams as Paul in Perry’s comedy-drama series Zatima( Source : instagram )

New actors such as Redaric Williams (Paul) and Kendrick Mays (Tyrone) joined the cast in Season 2.

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Connie (Lala Odon), Dan (Paul Ryden), Jamie (Jamie Jones), Mona (Kim Baptiste), Henry (Tony D. Head), and Dr. Harris (Kim Jackson Davos) all made appearances.


In order to ramp up the tension in the third season, additional characters will likely be introduced.

Celebrities will make cameo cameos, breathing new life into the comedy-drama. The episode will include the guest star in many scenes, allowing them to develop their role.

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