Chukwudi Iwuchukwu: Main reason Super Sport won’t show AFCON matches on TV

Chukwudi Iwuchukwu, a Nigerian journalist and media personality, has shared his thoughts on Super Sport’s decision not to broadcast AFCON matches on TV.

According to Iwuchukwu, the real reason behind Super Sport’s decision is not due to the channel’s usual excuses, such as rights issues or technical challenges. Instead, he suggests that the football body that owns the AFCON franchise, CAF, may have played a significant role in the decision

In 2021, CAF elected Dr. Patrice Motsepe, which had a considerable impact on the broadcasting rights of AFCON matches.

This decision, combined with Super Sport’s commitment to other sports events and channels, has led many to speculate that the broadcaster may not have been willing to meet CAF’s demands, resulting in their decision not to broadcast AFCON matches on TV

This situation has raised concerns among football enthusiasts and fans who are eager to watch the AFCON matches on Super Sport. The speculation surrounding the reasons behind Super Sport’s decision has generated significant interest and debate, with many questioning the role of CAF and Super Sport in shaping the broadcasting landscape of African football.

As the debate continues, one thing is clear: the football community, including fans, broadcasters, and stakeholders, will continue to discuss and analyze the reasons behind Super Sport’s decision not to broadcast AFCON matches on TV. In the meantime, fans can hope for a resolution that allows them to enjoy the exciting matches of the AFCON tournament.

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