BIOGRAPHY: DC Mohammed Sanusi, New Commander IRT, assigned to tackle Abuja kidnapping

DC Mohammed Sanusi, a new commander of the IRT (Intelligence Response Team), has been assigned to tackle the Abuja kidnapping crisis.

Sanusi’s appointment comes as the city grapples with a surge in kidnapping incidents, with notorious kidnapper Chinaza Phillip recently being arrested.

The IGP (Inspector General of Police) has expressed confidence in Sanusi’s ability to combat the issue, stating that his team has already arrested many kidnappers and recovered arms and ammunition.

DC Sanusi’s appointment marks a significant step in the fight against kidnapping in Abuja. The IRT, under his leadership, has been tasked with identifying and apprehending the masterminds behind the kidnapping crisis in the city. Sanusi’s team has already made significant strides in this regard, having arrested numerous kidnappers and recovered a substantial amount of weapons and ammunition.

The new commander’s appointment has been met with optimism by the public, who are hopeful that the IRT’s efforts will lead to a reduction in the number of kidnapping incidents in Abuja.

The city’s residents have been living in fear due to the increasing number of kidnappings, with many expressing concern about their safety and that of their loved ones.

DC Sanusi’s appointment also highlights the importance of effective policing in addressing the issue of kidnapping. The IRT, under his leadership, will work closely with other law enforcement agencies to ensure that the perpetrators of these heinous crimes are brought to justice.

The public’s support and cooperation will be crucial in this endeavor, as they play a vital role in providing information that can help the IRT in its mission.

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In conclusion, the appointment of DC Mohammed Sanusi as the new commander of the IRT is a welcome development in the fight against kidnapping in Abuja.

His team’s early success in arresting kidnappers and recovering weapons and ammunition is a positive sign that the IRT is making progress in addressing the crisis. The public’s support and cooperation will be essential in ensuring that the IRT’s efforts bear fruit and that the city’s residents can live without fear of kidnapping.

This initiative comes in response to the escalating insecurity in Abuja and its surrounding areas, with a number of civilians having been abducted and killed in the FCT in recent days.

Egbetokun announced the establishment of the SIS as a key project of his administration since assuming office in June. He emphasized that the SIS comprises specially trained officers prepared to swiftly intervene in significant security incidents, aligning with his administration’s top priority to combat the nation’s threat of violent crime.

Revealing the new commander on his Twitter page, the force spokesperson, Muyiwa Adejobi, stated, “Meet the new commander IRT, DC Mohammed Sanusi. His team has successfully apprehended numerous kidnappers and recovered arms and ammunition, many of which were recently displayed.

“Just two days after the launch of the Special Intervention Squad (SIS) in Abuja by the IGP, IRT has apprehended two gun runners and four suspected kidnappers who have been terrorizing the FCT and neighboring communities.

“The operations are still ongoing, and details will be provided soon as we intend to brief the media and Nigerians on these developments. We count on your support to achieve more. Thank you.”

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