Mohbad’s Video Confession: NDLEA Accused of Giving Mohbad An Unknown Substance

In a shocking turn of events, a video of the late Nigerian singer, Mohbad, has resurfaced, reigniting a storm of allegations and calls for justice. The video alleges that the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) may have played a role in his tragic passing. Here are the key points surrounding this distressing incident:

1. The Allegation

The video features Mohbad claiming that he was given an unknown substance by the NDLEA. He believed he was drinking ordinary bottled water, unaware that something had been added to it. This startling revelation has raised questions about the circumstances leading to his demise.

2. Accusation of Betrayal

In the video, Mohbad accuses fellow musician Zinoleesky of betraying him. This trust-breaking incident appears to have deeply affected the singer, and it is a significant aspect of the unfolding story.

3. Mohbad’s Testimony

Mohbad’s exact words from the video provide chilling insight into his ordeal. He stated, “I was given something to drink. It was inside a bottle of water. I was the only one asked to drink it. After consuming it, they claimed I was unharmed. Yet, I physically clashed with the police, to the extent they hit me with a gun. I tried to protect Zino, and he still turned on me.”

4. The NDLEA Controversy

The allegations against the NDLEA in Mohbad’s case are deeply troubling. They include:

a. Oppression

Mohbad was allegedly not treated fairly. Despite others being arrested, he was the sole individual given the unknown substance.

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b. Physical Assault

Mohbad’s claim of being struck with a gun during his altercation with the police raises concerns about excessive force and brutality.

c. Possible Conspiracy

Rumors suggest that fellow artist Naira Marley may have orchestrated a setup against Mohbad, leading to his arrest and the unfortunate sequence of events.

5. NDLEA’s Reputation at Stake

The NDLEA, responsible for enforcing drug laws in Nigeria, has faced previous allegations of excessive force, rights violations, and corruption. The seriousness of these allegations in Mohbad’s case demands a thorough investigation.

6. Public Outrage and Calls for Justice

The public’s response to these allegations has been swift and passionate:

a. Demands for NDLEA Accountability

Many are questioning the integrity of the NDLEA and demanding accountability for any maltreatment of Mohbad.

b. Social Media Protests

The hashtag #JusticeForMohbad has flooded social media platforms, especially Twitter, as users urge Nigerian authorities to take action.

7. Implications for the NDLEA

These allegations against the NDLEA carry significant implications:

a. Credibility

Accusations could tarnish the agency’s image, casting doubt on its methods and intentions.

b. Public Trust

If found guilty, the NDLEA could face a massive loss of public trust, jeopardizing their mission and operations.

8. A Cry for Transparency and Justice

Mohbad’s tragic passing and the allegations surrounding it have sent shockwaves throughout Nigeria. The demand is clear: thorough investigations, transparency, and justice. It’s crucial for the NDLEA and other involved parties to come forth, clear the air, and ensure that the truth sees the light of day.

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As the late Lois McMaster Bujold aptly said, “The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is a duty of the living to do so for them.” The call for justice for Mohbad resonates strongly in this context, emphasizing the importance of accountability and transparency in upholding justice in Nigeria.

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